Roddy Matthews is a very well known fiddle player both here at home in Northumberland and throughout Scotland. He comes from a musical family; his father was personal piper to the Duke of Northumberland and his mother was National Convenor of Commun na Clarsach (Scottish harp society) and co-founder (with her clarsach colleagues) of the Edinburgh International Harp Festival.

At the age of eight he received his first fiddle as a gift from Jack Armstrong of "Barnstormers" fame but was massively inspired at the age of ten when he first heard Farquhar Macrae at Lochailort in the western highlands.

The love of west highland music along with our own Northumbrian tradition has never left him. Further inspiration has come from his many trips to The Shetland Isles and players like Bryan Gear.

Roddy's slow airs are both sensitive and haunting, and his hornpipes full of local flavour which contribute to his superb wider style.

Roddy has played for a number of well known Scottish Dance Bands and broadcast for the BBC with both Gary Forrest and Robert Whitehead on 'Take the Floor.' He has also appeared solo on several occasions on 'The Reel Blend' and in recent days on the growing internet Scottish music radio channels.

Roddy guests at fiddlers rallies, accordion & fiddle clubs and music festivals where he is often requested to judge the fiddle classes.

He has released six CDs-- "Crossing the Ottercops", "O'er the Border", "The Wannie Line", "Friends Forever", "Seeing in the Dawn", and "Barrowburn " (the latter with his good friend Gary Forrest) as well as appearing on several albums for other bands and musicians.

He is a very busy man.


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