Gary Forrest - Accordion, Keyboards, Bass
Roddy Matthews - Fiddle
Nicky McMichan - Drums
Pipe Major Andy Grant - Scottish Smallpipes

1 Barrowburn (Reels)
The Barrowburn Reel, Drennan's Reel, Robin & Derryn Wait's Reel, John Keith Lang
2 Border Marches
Jedhart's Here, The A68, Jedburgh Abbey
3 Hunthill Cottage (Slow Air)
4 Gary's Solo (Reels)
Tune for a Found Harmonium, The Reconciliation, Jean's reel
5 Border Waltzes
The Road to Hunt Hill, Scott & Anna's Wedding Waltz
6 Ceilidh Jigs
Kirstie's Ceilidh, CBC Jig, Jig For Judy, Donald Ian Rankine
7 Midlem March
Midlem Village Hall, Jedhart Welcomes Da Cullivoe Band
8 6/8 Pipe Marches
Farquhar Macdonald of Edinbane Skye, Glen Roy
9 Shetland Northumbrian Reels
Kebister Head, Molly Thow's Reel, Hesleyside Reel, Da Road to Holligarth
10 Da Bothal Bothie Two-step
11 Roddy's Hornpipes
The Northumbrian Ranters, The Clippin, Plum Tree House
12 Gary & Nicky's Set (Reels)
Trip to Windsor, Hill's Reel, The Fourth Floor, The Road to Erigay
13 Passchaendale Set (Medley)
The Road to Passchaendale, Tribute to Fergie Macdonald, Loch Voshmid
14 Gaelic Waltzes
In Praise of Islay, Heava ish No Horan Heava, Filoro, Glen Spean Lodge
15 The Lovely Lynn Set (Reels)
The Pearl Wedding, Da Kirk Stack, Hurloch's Reel, Lynn Tocker's Reel
16 Margaret Ann Robertson
17 Jiggyreelypipey Set
Peter Macdonald's Leather Breeks, Donella Beaton, Alastair Henderson of Portree, Matthews of Bingfield
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