Seeing in the Dawn

With Jim Nichol, Gary Forrest, Ian 'Stretch' McFadyen and special guests Kathryn Tickell and Catriona Mackay

1 Trip to Northumberland (Reels)
Trip to Northumberland, Hay's Place, Gordon's Favourite, Ian Anderson of Edinburgh
2 Sylvia Shaw of Tordarroch (Slow Air)
3 Wick and Oban (Pipe Marches)
Pipe Major Bobby Coghill
Roddy Matthews Compliments to the Oban Accordion and Fiddle Club

4 Northumbrian / Shetland Hornpipes
The Cherry Tree, Koda's Welcome to Hexham, The Redeside Hornpipe
5 Forrest Fire (Jigs)
Gary Forrest's Jig, Maureen's Jig, Scott Nichol's Jig, Calliope House
6 Favourite Waltzes
Makendon, Memories of Emma Lake, Andy & Jean Leonard's Waltz
7 Memories of Will Atkinson (Polka)
8 Northumbrian Jigs
Coquet Light, Old Towler, The Bellingham Boat
9 Shetland Border March
Jarl Hunter of Gillaburn, The Border Lads
10 Walking The Dog (Swing)
11 Scott Nichol's Jig Set
Minnie Hind, The Thief of Lochabar, Marjorie Lowe, The Whistling Postman
12 Friends Forever (Slow Air)
13 New Border Marches
Tommy Wilson of Wooler, Tom Matthews' Crag
14 James Hill Hornpipes
The Gateshead Hornpipe, The Locomotive, The Quayside, The Hawk
15 New Shetland Reels
The Amazing Henry Henderson MC, The Waves of Sound, Da Backstone, Da Beachcomber
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