Seeing in the Dawn

Roddy matthews - Fiddle
Chris Newman - Guitar
Alan Brown - Piano
Maire Ni Chathasaigh - Clarsach

1 Marches
The Bingfield March, The Kielder Stone
2 Reels
Ewen Thomson of Fair Isle, Allan and Margaret Scollay, The Sound of Noss, Da Kirk Stack
3 Slow Air
4 Northumbrian Waltzes
Colonel Kit Pumphrey of the Northumberland Hussars, Sunset from Old Ryal, Sweethope Lough
5 Strathspey and Reel
Emohruo is Halfway to Heaven, The Cullivoe Dance Band's, Welcome to Northumberland
6 Hornpipes
Fishing the Erring Burn, Gordon Wright's 60th Birthday at Otterburn, The Hallington, The Flycatcher, The Barrasford
7 March, Strathspey And Reel
Peter and Dorren Chiasson, Bryan Gears Strathspey, Away to the West
8 Slow Air
Northumberland's Welcome to Duncan Chisolm
9 Hornpipes
Jolly Ivor Scollay, The Simonside
10 March and Reel
Amid Fiddlers Bid, Kevin Henderson of Lerwick
11 Hornpipes
The Carraw, The Grindon
12 Tribute to Willie Taylor
Slow Air - Ilderton Moor, 6/8 March - Wee Kerry's Welcome, Reel - The Pearl Wedding
13 Hornpipes
Andrew Gifford's, Peter Tickell's
14 Polkas
Dave Mann's Polka, Claire Mann's Polka
15 Air
The Wannie Line
16 Slow Air
The Wings of the Morning
Listen to sample tracks:
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Track 4 - (MP3)