Seeing in the Dawn

Roddy Matthews - Fiddle
Ian Thow - Accordion
Tony Hurst - Piano
Blyth Johnson - Double Bass
Jon Whitehead - Drums
Kathy Anderson - Keyboards
Phil Armstrong - 2nd Fiddle
Andrew Davison - Northumbrian Pipes
Caroline Hoile - Cello
Berry Matthews - Clarsach

1 Northumbrian Fiddle Hornpipes
The Rowley Burn, The Exhibition Hornpipe
2 Two Reels
The High Road to Linton, John Keith Laing
3 Highland Barn dance
Violet & Alex Morrison of Melbost, Borve, Dugald Torquil Macphail of Kilberry
4 Loch Rannoch
5 Swedish Waltzes
Vals Fran By, Vals Efter Lomains
6 Pipes and Fiddle
Joe Hutton's March, Jamie Allen, Herd on the Hill
7 Jig, Strathspey and Reel
Christopher Whitehead, JF McKenzie, The Ale is Dear
8 Slow Airs
Horo Mo Neaghan Don, Sine Bhan
9 Pipe Tunes
Alistair McCallum of Cairndow, Farewell to the Creeks, Meg Macrae
10 Fiddle Duo
Nancy, Hopeful Lover
11 Louis James Waltz
12 Jigs
Lamb Skinnet, Christie Macleod, The Murray River Jig, Dave Pronan's Fancy
13 Pipes and Fiddle Hornpipes
The Glen Aln Hornpipe, The Piper in the Well, The Old Drove Road
14 The Morpeth Rant
The Morpeth Rant, Hesleyside Reel, Kennedy North, Jane's Fancy, Crossing the Ottercops
15 Drops of Brandy
Boys of Bluehill/Lads of North Tyne, The Greencastle Hornpipe, The Keel Row
16 Kathy Anderson's Delight
17 A Popular Local Waltz Set
Rothbury Hills, The Gentle Maiden, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
18 Sheilis
19 Northumbrian Reels
Bracken Rigg, Tyneside to the Borders
20 Margaret Ann Robertson
21 Pipes and Fiddle Reels
Salmon Tails up the Water, Buttered Peas
22 Wild Ardnish
23 2/4 and 4/4 Marches
Susan and Niall's Wedding March, Cory Donkin
24 Beeswing Hornpipe
25 The Fair Flower of Northumberland
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