Seeing in the Dawn

Northumbrian Pipes

1 Chevy Chase, Keel Row, Jamie Allen
2 Jenny Bell Polka
3 Old Towler
4 Come o'er the Stream Charlie, Ballyjamesduff, I Lo'e Nae a Lassie But Ane
5 Winster Gallop
6 Whittingham Green Lane, Salmon Tails up the Water
7 There was a Lad
8 the Irish Washerwoman, The Blackthorn Stick, Pet o' the Pipers
9 The Lark in the Clear Air
10 The Barrington Hornpipe
11 Canny Newcassel
12 Bobby Shaftoe
13 My Bonny Lad
14 Herd on the Hill
15 Lavenders Blue, The Mingolay Boat Song, The Sky Boat Song
16 Ward's Bray, Gan Nae More to Yon Toon, Sean Truibhes
17 The Dark Island
18 The Roxburgh Castle
Neil Gow's Farewell to Heilan' Whisky
20 Cushie Butterfield, Adam Buckham O'
21 The Ridsdale Hornpipe, Proudlock's Hornpipe
22 Border Fray
23 The Lass of Falstone
24 Fairy Lullaby, Sweet Hesleyside, The Gentle Maiden, Johnnie Armstrong
25 'The Old' Whinham's Reel
26 Taladh, The Piper's Weird
27 Reflections
28 The Whinshields Hornpipe
29 The Atholl Highlanders, The Marquis of Lorne
30 Rothbury Hills
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